Benefits of Healthy SeaFood

Improving Your Health Is Easy When You Know How!

When you are preparing seafood at home, it is important that you take a moment to understand the different considerations that you need to make to properly prepare it. Raw or under-cooked offerings will have an increased chance of containing dangerous bacteria. There are a few key points we can touch on to give you an idea on How to properly cook seafood at home.


The first is to remember that seafood should hit around 165 degrees minimum to be considered properly cooked. By doing this, you decrease the risk of illness and disease from consumption. This does not declare sushi as unsafe by any means as long as you go to a location that serves fresh fish and handles it properly.

I recently had the most fantastic grilled swordfish at my best friends andres and martha wedding and I had the opportunity to ask the chef how it was prepared.

One of the first ways you can then cook your seafood is by poaching it. This will allow you to keep it moist, without having to compromise the flavor of what you are cooking. This process just lightly covers the selection in broth and then simmer it until it is done.

Steam Vs Grilling

If you prefer a healthier alternative, you can steam fish instead. When you do this process, you will take your selection and then season it to your taste. Then place it inside of a steamer or create a homemade steamer and allow the water to boil beneath it for around 10 minutes. This will keep it moist and flaky.

If you find that neither of these selections works for you, you can also broil your dish. This is done by taking a baking pan and covering it in foil. Then place it in your broiler until it has a nice golden brown color. Be sure to check the temperature and you should find this helps to maintain the true flavor of your fish.


Another option you will have is baked seafood. Just pop it in the oven and let it sit there and cook. As you do this, be sure to keep an eye on it. Generally, you will want to leave your item in here baking for about 20 – 45 minutes depending on the selection and how thick of a cut it is.

Something else to keep in mind when you are cooking your selection is that you can choose to make it a healthy choice or one that is bad for you. Any of these items can be cooked without butter and fats or smothered in them. You should keep that in mind and try to keep seafood cooked as healthy as possible. This way you get the biggest benefit from the omega oils in your meal. Try each of the different methods until you find a cooking choice that tastes incredible to you as well.

The research that has been conducted to support an increase in the consumption of seafood is conclusive. Perhaps all you now need to do is to gain the knowledge and confidence to cook and eat for seafood in your own home. There are over 20,000 species of seafood around the world. When one considers the number of options as to how to cook each variety, your choice of home cooked meals is enormous.